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BASEBALL DUEL 2 Mod BASEBALL DUEL 2 Mod Apk 1.0.0 Features:Instant Refill CostEnjoy the most exciting baseball card battle!Hundreds and thousands ways to beat your opponent by your own strategy.Conventional? Sabermetric? Smallball? What is your style?Authentic baseball strategies: Pinch Hitter, Hit & Run, Bench Clearing, and more.Cast the coolest instant cards at the hottest moment.Real-time 1 Vs 1 baseball showdown! Baseball duel!PLAY BALL NOW! Game Features▷ Real-time baseball card TCG. Build your own deck with 40 strategy cards.▷ Collect the costs and make your move.▷ Step ahead of your opponent and counter by instant cards.▷ Duel against players all over the world!▷ Open boxes and receive rewards, collect powerful cards or upgrade your cards even stronger.▷ Enjoy the amazing stadiums you have never played.▷ The real-time ranking system makes you thrill. Challenge the highest honor!▷ Analyze others' duel and make yours even better..

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