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<p>Grindstone is a puzzle-battler game from Capybara Games that will see you attempt to clear a mountain that's been overrun by creeps. It'll be available as soon as Apple Arcade arrives today, or now if you're in the iOS 13 beta.</p><p>On the surface, Grindstone looks like a fairly simple colour-matching puzzle game. There are various beasties on-screen of varying, distinctive colours and you'd assume that it's just a case of matching them together to rid the world of them.</p><p>But the developers say that it'll have much deeper strategy than it first appears and warns players not to think it'll be a smooth ride based on the quirky, colourful art style. You'll find yourself in turn-based puzzle battles against Creeps as well as bosses. One of which &ndash; a big plant-like fella - can be seen in the trailer below.</p>.

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