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<p>With Gwent being one of the most popular card games we had to have a mobile version eventually, otherwise PC, PlayStation, and Xbox players would be having all of the fun. According to CD Projekt Red's job board, however, a mobile version may be on its way.&nbsp;</p><p>Gwent was one of my favourite parts about The Witcher 3, if not because it was a seriously strategic and addictive game, but also because of the community surrounding it. I guess also because the idea of playing a sit-down card game in the middle of a huge, open-world adventure tickled me too.</p><p>Obviously Projekt Red had to bring that experience out of the game, so it was announced as a standalone console/PC game and is currently still in beta.&nbsp;</p><p>The job description doesn't spell it out in massive letters, but in its required skills and experience section it says applicants must: "Possess an understanding of mobile game development and operating systems (iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8)".</p><p>If that doesn't scream 'Oh, by the way we're making Gwent for mobile', I don't know what, outside of a direct confirmation, will.&nbsp;</p>.

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