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<p>JRPG behemoth Kemco has revealed another game to add to its impressive collection. It's called Asdivine Dios, and it's due to be released on Android this August.</p><p>Asdivine Dios sees the deity of Asdivine, Izayoi, losing all of his godly powers and having to destroy a corruption that is spreading through his world.</p><p>It looks to be building on Kemco's last game, Asdivine Hearts, while improving the graphics and animation, and adding a whole heap of new content.</p><p>It promises a "voluminous story", a huge world, customizable weapons, combinable magic and "limitless enemies", so it should have plenty to keep you busy.</p><p>If you're a Kemco fan, you can pre-register for the game right now. There's no concrete date for the game yet, but it should land in early August on Android.</p>.

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